1st Place Winner of Barama HackDay

March 15, 2016

hackathon barama

A few weeks ago Azercell’s Barama Innovation Center announced 36 hours hackathon which took place on 10 March 2016. I as a team leader with my two teammates from work decided to team up and participate. 12 March was the first day of the competition, the topic of the hackathon was “Food Industry”. After 36 hours non-stop codding we came up with idea of data analyzing and statistics of food sector. The project analyzes the data that either imported from JSON ,XML etc. files or directly API transactions. Afterwards analyzing the data it shows detailed graphs and statistics which might be useful for market researches. Besides that the project enables user to send Email/SMS to exact target who are interested in particular products. As we know, we receive many unwanted notification from different advertising companies on daily basis so we solved the problem (or we think we are) mentioned above and won 1st place. After all, solving some problems feels good.

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