HipMyTrip! - an artistic travel map for your trip

My partner and I collaborated on this project. I did the website, payment integration with Braintree as well as the backend for payment processing with Node.js and Restify. A little bit about the project, have you ever traveled somewhere with a someone special and wanted to give that special person a memorable gift as a reminder of your trip? Using the website you can order a beautiful, artistic, handmade map of your trip. Check to see what I meant. It really looks pretty on the wall 🗺✨.

map travel-map

SplitUp! - a tab manager for Google Chrome extension

This is a Google Chrome extension to manage tabs. Following features are supported: multiscreen, export, close and move tabs between windows, save sessions to access them later, split some tabs into a different window and many more.

chrome-extension chrome-browser chrome chrome-plugin productivity

OOPSpam multiple spam filter

OOPSpam detects the likelihood of spam more accurately. It allows you to scan your content utilizing multiple machine learning based, powerful text analyzers.

spam spam filter spam API